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Rent a Car in Baia Mare, Maramures

Baia Mare,
3E Bogdan Voda street


0723.600.650, 0744.705.873


For any any occasion (business, tourism, weddings and events, malfunctions of your car, receiving guests, etc.), our modern cars are available at low prices.

Services we offer

  1. Car rental without driver
  2. Car rental with driver
  3. Car transfer to the airport or to other places
  4. Maramures Tour


ClassModelDays / Price for a day
Premium PlusNissan Quasquai
1.8 diesel 2014
60 €55 €50 €45 €
PremiumVolkswagen Tiguan
2.0 diesel 2010
50 €45 €40 €35 €
CompactSkoda Rapid
1.6 diesel 2015
40 €38 €35 €30 €
CompactNissan Quasquai
1.6 gas 2007
40 €38 €35 €30 €
Economic PlusRenault Clio
1.6 diesel 2013
33 €30 €28 €25 €
CompactSkoda Octavia III
1.8 diesel 2015
40 €38 €35 €30 €
EconomicSkoda Fabia
1.2 gas 2010
30 €28 €25 €23 €
CompactPeugeot 308
1.6 diesel 2016
40 €38 €35 €30 €


The price is 75 € and includid the next service:

  • Car  on the economic class
  • The driver with role the guide
  • The fuel for complete journey
  • Estimate temps 9-11 our

    Objective to visit:
  • renowned church of Surdesti 1721 , one of the 8 churches included by Unesco on the list of the protected world patrimony and the highest oak building in the world 72 m . From here we proceed to Cavnic, over the Neteda keys, to Old Maramures.
  •  at Budesti, where we visit the wooden church 1643 where we can find a collection of paintings on glass and wood, also listed by Unesco. We can also find the armor of the faimous Pintea the Outlaw, kept by the inhabitants.
  • we contineu along the Cosau Valley to Sirbi, the next village, where we can admire a few monumental wooden gates and we can  find numerous water mills, extraordinary technical creations of the locals.
  • we go up along side the Iza Valley and at Birsana we visit the new monastery built close to the village entrance
  • Sighetul Marmatiei, the center of Old Maramures visiting the Comunism Museum the old comunism prison, the Vilage Museum and the memorial house Elie Wiesel in 1986 awarded Nobel Price .
  •  lunch can be served at a variety of local restaurants with traditional food
  • Sapinta is well known for its Merry Cemetery, a place created by master craftsman Stan Ioan Patrascu in 1935 and cannot be missed by any visitor of Maramures
  • we return to Sighet 18 km  and in Berbesti we can admire a superb cross built by anonymous villagers more than over three centuries ago, and we can visit the churches at Desesti 1770 olso listed by Unesco.
  • and we start our return to Baia Mare alongside the Mara Valley, across the Gutii Mountains, the most important acces route to Old Maramures.